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Joe WeyantTax Resolution Civil & Criminal

Tax Resolution Attorney Dealing with taxation matters can be complex and challenging, requiring the expertise of a well-informed and experienced attorney. When navigating the intricacies of tax law, Joe Weyant stands out as a notable taxation lawyer. With an extensive background in handling tax cases since 2003, he has amassed a wealth of practical experience in this specialized field. As a trusted legal professional, Joe Weyant understands tax laws and regulations comprehensively. He is adept at analyzing tax issues, identifying potential pitfalls, and developing effective strategies to help his clients achieve optimal outcomes. With a focus on success, Mr. Weyant has garnered acclaim for his skillful handling of taxation matters, earning the trust and respect of his clients and peers alike. Joe Weyant is the attorney you can rely on when securing expert guidance and representation in taxation matters. He is well-equipped to handle even the most complex and challenging tax cases.

Mr. Weyant resolves tax problems on behalf of individuals and businesses, with state taxing authorities near you and the IRS.

IRS Tax Lawyer

Taxes are a part of life for any individual or business. An initial delinquency in the payment of taxes can quickly turn into a crisis. A refusal to address the problem could end up ruining a person or business financially. Most often, a taxpayer simply feels overwhelmed, and simply does not know what to do. In those times, a tax professional must be consulted. There is always something that can be done to turn the situation around!

Tax Issue Attorney

Mr. Weyant resolves tax problems on behalf of individuals and businesses, with state taxing authorities and the IRS. He has saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars over his almost 20-year law career. There are multiple vehicles for addressing tax liability issues, one or more of which nearly every person or business may benefit from.

Resolve Tax Problems

Below is just a short list of the options.

  • Offers in Compromise- A qualifying taxpayer may resolve tax liability for less than the full amount
  • Innocent / Injured Spouse Protection- An individual may not be responsible for the tax problems of his or her spouse
  • Abatement of Penalties and/or Interest- reduction of penalties or interest may be possible
  • Installment Agreements- Manage and pay your taxes over time
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Solutions- Get help with the strict tax rules for payroll taxes
  • Removal of Tax Liens- Withdrawal or release of tax liens may be possible
  • Currently Not Collectible Status- A taxpayer may be deemed simply unable to pay its taxes
  • Preparation of Unfiled Tax Returns- Taxpayers are usually required to be current with tax filings to resolve their tax problems
  • IRS Appeals- Appealing the decision of a lower division of the IRS or State taxing authority

Mr. Weyant also represents taxpayers charged with criminal tax crimes in all federal courts of the United States, as well as the U.S. Tax Court. Granted, an attorney is not required to handle your tax problem at the IRS level. However, as an experienced financial attorney, Mr. Weyant is able to see the big picture instantly, and warn against potential problems he may perceive coming down the road. In this way, you will automatically receive value-added service, from both a legal professional and tax professional, directly, at the same time.

Mr. Weyant can advise you on possible tax resolution, but does not offer tax advice, per se. In every case, he collaborates with a skilled certified public accountant, to ensure ultimate compliance with the tax laws, and a smooth transition away from tax issues. If needed, advice can be given on future practices for the taxpayer, whether it be individual or business, to avoid tax problems in the future.

For more information on how Joe Weyant can help handle your probate and estate matters, we encourage you to contact us. Secure the professional legal representation you need for your probate and estate matters. Joe Weyant's extensive experience since 2003 and his penchant for achieving favorable outcomes make him the ideal choice to guide you through probate and estate law complexities. Contact us today and let him apply his expertise and dedication to your situation. With his guidance, you can confidently navigate the legal process, knowing you have a skilled advocate working towards a favorable resolution. You can reach us by calling (615) 239-1532, where our knowledgeable team will be ready to address your inquiries and guide you through the process. Additionally, you can contact Joe Weyant through our user-friendly online form, providing you with a hassle-free way to connect with our services.